S E N s A R t i k A  TRIO              SRPSKI?

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Biographies of Members

SONJA KALAJIĆ, violinist

Sonja Kalajić, Graduated at The Faculty of Musical Arts in Belgrade, class of prof. Dejan Mihailović. As a soloist she introduced the Serbian audience with a succession of premiere performances - compositions of Sibelius, Piacola, Respigio and Enesco- within the concert programmes of Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Ethnographic Museum, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts , Culture hall of the Student center and the Kolarac Foundation. With pianist Vanjuška Martinović participated at the Greek summer festival in Symi in 2002.

One of the participants of Television Belgrade program "Associations". Music  author of radio drama ˝Midnight legend˝ (RTS Belgrade 1999) and solo author of radiophone work ˝Lament over Belgrade ˝ (Oratory for reciter, mixed choir, orchestra, typewriter and radiophone effects as per the renowned Miloš Crnjanski poem (RTS, Belgrade 2002).) At the  2012 festival KOMA, orchestra Metamorfozis and violinist Saša Mirković performed Sonja’s composition "Soko" (The falcon)  in the hall of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. The famous violinist Nemanja Radulovic, elected Sonja's composition "Vatra suze"

(The fire of tears) on his album "Journey East" published by Deutsche Grammophon.

After brief teamwork with Belgrade strings "Dušan Skovran" and participation in trio ˝Singidunum", in 2004 Sonja founded ensemble Quintecho conjoining her performing and composing talent. In addition to about 30 music works of this author for documentary feature series ˝Forgotten Serbian intellectuals˝ (2006-2007) recorded by Quintecho for Radio television of Serbia, the overall Quintecho programme consists of tango music. In that relation more than any other violinist in her country Sonja’s contribution to Tango culture in Serbia is primary. She also was the first Serbian violinist attending specialization in the domain of interpretation and arrangement of Tango music in Buenos Aires with the most prestigious experts - Fernando Rodriguez (violinist Color tango ensemble) and Enrique Postma (professor at the Tango Academy in Buenos Aires.

During her two year residence in the capital of Argentina, Sonja performed with various ensembles classical and tango music. From September 2008 till April 2009 she was member of the sextet "El sonido de los durmientes" performing throughout the concert program of Buenos Aires. In October she recorded music of composer Gabriel Lombard for the theatre play Cenestesia performed in theatre "El Espion" (BsAs). She performed as a violinist in the Quintet Lucas Kohan and several times performed on international radio Continental within the program Plataforma (Continental, March 2009). On Radio de la Ciudad several times Sonja’s tango arrangements for sextet Quintecho.were performed.

In 2008 learns to play on the saw with the help of Rodrigo Gere – one of the greatest Argentine experts on this instrument and in 2011 perfects playing castanets with famous Inma Gonzalez in Barcelona with whom she performs.

In 2010 forms duo Seme with guitarist Slobodan Milivojević and duo Mask with Vanjuška Martinović, and in 2012 quartet Sensartika recording a CD in the edition of Music Center of the Kolarac Foundation.

As a very active multi -instrumentalist player and composer Sonja challenged the attention of various theatre directors engaging her for their plays. In this way she performs as an actress-performer in the play “Patriots” by Sonja Vukićević (SNP Novi Sad 2011-2012) in the play “The Baby’s world”  by Ivana Koraksić (Cirkusfera, Belgrade 2012), "The Kreutzer Sonata" (Madlenianum 2015 -2016., Belgrade), in movies "Longing" by Dejan Karaklajic (2015.), and ""Stevan Hristic" (RTS 2016.), as a composer and performer in the play “Analogy” by Boško Mandić (SNP Novi Sad 2011). She recorded composer Irina Dečermić’s music  for the theatre play “Wire” by Goran Šušljik (JDP Belgrade 2012.), Zvonimir Djukić’s music for the latest album "Not moderate in all"  Van Gogh group in 2013 and CD "Sound of birds" composer Jasna Jovićević (January 2014).

She has a solistic album "Saw friendly" published by Metropolis music from Belgrade in June 2016., which represents the first record of this species (with a carpenter's saw as a solo instrument) in the Balkans.

As from January 2013 her continual music column „Zvukovanje“within the program „Colours of life“ on RTS 2.

Regarding her pedagogical work Sonja from 2001 worked as an assistant and later (from 2007) as Senior violin assistant  and  methodology instructor with professor Dejan Mihailović and professor Irina Jašvili at the Academy of Music in Serbian Sarajevo (Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina). From 2010 till 2012 worked as a professor of violin in Music school “Stanković” in Belgrade.

DARKO ARMENSKI, clarinetist

He was born in Pancevo in 1979, in the musical educated and professionally-oriented family.                                                                         EDUCATION: He studied clarinet, primary and secondary music education in the class of Professor Nikola Gruevski at the music school "Jovan Bandur" in Pančevo. In addition to the high school for clarinet, he exceedingly ends the secondary school of saxophone. In 1998 he entered the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, where he graduated clarinet in the class of professor Ante Grgin. SPECIALIZATION: In parallel with conventional education, he was studying traditional music of the Balkans and Serbia, playing on ethnic instruments such as: flute, ocarina, zurla, bagpipes and kaval .                       RESEARCH: the need for research of traditional music in the field, presenting it a wider audience, and the group work, was an incentive to Darko to form the vocal ensemble "Tradition" at 2003., with which participates in numerous music festivals in Greece, Sweden, France and Serbia.                        PEDAGOGICAL WORK: Pedagogical work is actively engaged for 15 years, first as a teacher of solfeggio in the branch of Ballet School "Dimitrije Parlić" in Pancevo, on the section National dances and from 2000. to 2003. From 2001. begins his pedagogical work in the music school "Jovan Bandur" in Pancevo as saxophone teacher where is still active professor. Through his work with students, has received many awards for his hard work in the form of their awards at various international and national competitions and festivals, where they were always highly ranked. As an educator or Professor, successfully conducted through the work many generations - some of his students continued their education at the Music Academies in the country and abroad.                    OTHERS: From 2000. to 2004.  was part-time employed as a leader of the orchestra in Artistic Association "Mladost" from Glogonja. From 2005. to 2008. he worked as a leader of the orchestra in Artistic Association "Vasil Hadzimanov" in Jabuka and also a leader of the orchestra in Artistic Association "Unity" in Pancevo.                                                                                                                                                                                                          AWARDS: During his education, he participated in numerous competitions, festivals and reviews of international, national and regional character, where he was the recipient of many awards and recognitions. 

In 1991. I prize at the federal competition in Yugoslavia - he was awarded just at the beginning of his education. Among other numerous awards can be distinguished:

in 1991. I prize at 25th Competition of students of AP Vojvodina

in 1992. I prize at the Festival of Music Schools of Serbia in Senta, laureate of school.

In 1995. II prize at the Republican contest for students of Serbia.

In 1999. II prize at the Republican contest of students Serbia

The most important CONCERTS of this period:

in 1992. Clarinet concert in the gallery SANU in Belgrade;

in 1995. Festival of talents in Sremski Karlovci;

in 1997. "Musical Youth" Competition in The Endowment of Ilija Kolarac in Belgrade.

As a student, he had a noticeable performances with clarinet quintet in the club of journalists and the University of Belgrade. 2003. With his ensemble "Tradition", in addition to appearances in many countries, hosted by three tracks on the music "Postcards" of Pancevo, one of which is the title. INDEPENDENT ALBUMS: 2004. with the ensemble "Tradition" was issued first solo album "The aging, magically" , 2007. with the ensemble "Tradition" was issued the second album entitled "Ethno concrete".                                                                                                                                                  OTHER MUSIC EXPERIENCE: Many years of musical experience he gained as a member of the cultural and artistic societies in the whole territory of the municipality of Pancevo. With folklore has traveled the whole Iberian Peninsula and South and Central Europe. He met various languages, customs and cultures from around the world. Therefore, presented the culture of the environment in which he lived. He gained a lot of friends and lovers of music from country and from abroad. In addition to classical and ethnic music, he is a member of the rock band "El Buzz" as a tenor saxophonist. Actively participates in various recordings and shows with different character and different genres of music. RESTORATION, TUNING, CORRECTION…: With brass instruments playing, he went even further and deeper, tapping into the soul and substance of the instruments, and since 1998. has been actively engaged in repair of wooden wind instruments such as the oboe, flute, saxophone, clarinet and restoration of old folk instruments.                                                                                                    OTHER AWARDS in the near future:

2011. awarded a special prize by participating in the Folk Music Festival of Vojvodina and on that occasion was declared as the best instrumental soloist of whole festival. He also won the special prize for best piper on bagpipe festival 'Ivanjsko flowers" three years in a row.


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