S E N s A R t i k A  TRIO              SRPSKI?

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Sensartika trio continue the work of the former eponymous quartet, which was formed in 2012 in Belgrade. Members of the group are mostly performed as multiinstrumentalist a common characteristic of the trio consisting of: Sonja Kalajić (violin, saw, castanets, mandolin) Darko Armenski (clarinet, saxophone, caval, bagpipe), and Milkica Ponjavić (guitar).

So far, Sensartika held over 100 concerts throughout Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary, Romania and Austria. During quartet formation, were recorded two albums in the edition of Kolarac Music Center ( "How to listen to a concert - History from the Middle Ages to the boogie woogie" in 2013 and "How to listen to a concert -The Ball of romantic world," 2015), and a tracks within CD compilation of "Classical Music" magazine (Belgrade, 2014). Sensartika quartet holds a dominant position on the album "Saw Friendly" (Metropolis Records, 2015), which represents the first CD with a carpenter's saw as a solo instrument in the Balkans. They made 8 spots for Radio-Television Serbia 3 (former RTS Digital) within the educational series for young people and the video for the song "Far Away" produced by the Historical Museum of Serbia and the production company "Unicorn".

This year, trio Sensartika, has the repertoire programs Fauna Sacra and Mediterraneo. Fauna Sacra or Sacred Animal World, is the concept of the program that was created with the desire to support the idea of respect and preservation of wildlife that sacrifice to us every day, so much. The desire of the trio is to introduce or remind how this part of the world is in conjunction with musical creativity, giving a new way of listening to everything Fauna daily says. With its authentic arrangement -experimental sound, the trio tends to erase the boundaries between primeval world experience and academic categories in the hope that such an approach brings joy to listeners neglected symbiosis of man and nature.

Mediterraneo - the program of more recent date, gathers pieces by classical composers and few traditionals from Mediterranean population (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Montenegro and Israel), gives specific heat and refreshment provided by the sounds of these countrys with the memorable hits but also less known pieces of a high artistic scope. Research and experimental approach and diversity of musical colors are also features of this program, which particularly favors the cold and winter periods when the audience gladly recalls sunny days or eagerly awaits them.


7th NOVEMBER '17. at 18h

City multifunctional hall Timisoara, ROMANIA (Bulevardul Revoluției din 1989, nr. 17)

22nd NOVEMBER '17. at 20h
The City Teatre, BECEJ

30th NOVEMBER '17. at 19.30h "ČUKA FEST", Gallery 73, Banovo Brdo, BELGRADE

11th DECEMBER 17. at 18h
"Little School of Bon Ton"
Great Hall of the Cultural center CACAK

27th FEBRUARY '18. at 19h

13th APRIL '18. at 19h
Cultural center STARO SELO